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From agreement on the given quote we can then schedule a convenient time to carry out the agreed work.


We then arrive on site set up the equipment and go to work in removing your stump.


When this is done we will then clean up the area and rake up any woodchips back into the hole for use as a natural garden mulch which will also aid the regrowing of grass and or plants where the stump once was.


Typically a 12 inch stump can be done in about 10 to 15 minutes and a 24 inch stump 20 to 30 minutes they can sometimes take longer depending on variables such as the type of wood and its condition and readiness to cut as well as other considerations like rocks and stones in the soil for which we have to be careful as the can be dangerous let alone blunt or break the cutting teeth although in this instance we always carry a spare set just in case.    


Below you can see a great example, the tree has already been cut low to the ground which keeps the jobs simple, the acess is open and level. When the stump is removed we then rake uo the wood chips and replace them in to the hole as below.


Before                                                                    After




We tend to use Alpine Magnums for the versality power and speed of the units in the examples given below you can see for yourselves why we use them?




This wooden decking was built around a tree that had to come down. We just couldnt do this sort of job with our larger four wheeled units we would be in fear of the decking getting broken or marked, and we would probably have to take the seating apart for access, with the Alipne Magnums as you can see is no problem!





We specialise in providing a highly professional tree stump grinding and removal service, utilising the most modern and efficient machinery.


The process simple with the minimum of ground disturbance and we are able to remove any size stump from any location. Due to the heighly specialised powerful and lightweight units we use we are able to remove stumps that other companies just cannot get at with thier larger machines. Stumps and surface roots are ground to below ground level. This prepares the area for easy replanting, laying turf or restoring the land back to its previous use.


The end result is the expert removal of your stump and ground root system thus preventing re-growth. The area is left any debris and mulch is raked back into the ground leaving the area clean and tidy ready for you to replant or turf.


Alternativly the remains of the stump are available to you as a garden mulch to compost or use elsewhere in the garden as desired.






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